Promo Codes - Apply/remove code on invoice

Modified on Thu, 13 Aug, 2020 at 10:58 AM

After configuring your promo codes you can attach them to existing invoices through the Invoice repository.

Quick Guide

  1. Navigate to the Invoice repository, select the action button and choose Edit Invoice
  2. Select and apply the appropriate promo code
    Note: The promo code will only apply if the charge(s) on the invoice have been configured to accept the promo codes
  3. Save your promo code option 
  4. Delete the promo code option

Note: You can view invoices that have a promo code by selecting to view the Promo column in the Invoice repository.

Step by Step Guide

1. Select Edit Invoice from the action menu for the invoice you want to attach a promo code to.

2. Choose a promo code from the Select Automatic Promo Code menu located under the invoice total.

3. Once you have selected your Promo Code, select the Save button.

4. If you want to remove the promo code just select the red x to delete it.

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