Renewals for Rolling Memberships (based on join date)

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Process for manually renewing rolling memberships (renew on join date)


1. Run Smart Search to identify the members who are due for renewal. 

Members who are due for renewal in a time frame.
 EG:  4 weeks’ time between Sun-Sat. 

  • Main Menu > Smart Search
  • Select Memberships
  • Field Section = Membership
  • Field Name = End Date
  • Field Operation = Between x and y
  • Field Value = Select start and end date of the period you want to capture
  • Add Criteria
  • Preview Results

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2. Select Memberships from the results

  1. Check the results for Memberships renewing, start and end dates.
  2. Bulk selects the memberships you want to renew using the checkboxes on the left 
  3. From the Bulk Actions Menu select > Renewal Wizard


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3. Run Renewals Wizard


  1. Set up Dates and Notes. Make sure your dates for invoicing (due/accounting) are correct.
    To set the due date relative to the membership start date by using the Renewal Date Option. This will set the due date of the invoice to be a number of days after or before the start of the membership.
    If you are wishing to create payment plans enter the date you wish the plans to start from. The system will use a date based on the payment plan template - which could be a set date or a date based on the membership start date.
     Confirm and go to Next
  2. Groups. Groups will be preselected. You don’t need to do anything here.
     Confirm and go to Next
  3. Charges. Make sure your charges have the correct variation/value
     Confirm and go to Next
  4. Membership Changes This will list any memberships that are scheduled to change for this period.
     Confirm and go to Next 
  5. Group Restrictions. This will alert you to any members who are renewing into groups when they do not meet restriction criteria. For example, you may have a junior who's turning 19 and is no longer eligible for the Under 18 category. You will have to end the renewal wizard and fix this membership to proceed or…
     Confirm and go to Next
  6. Preview Memberships. Check the memberships being created.
  7. Preview Invoices Check a few invoices to make sure the charges, dates and display are correct
  8. Submit Renewal Confirm all your invoicing dates/notes are right. Choose what you want to happen…
    1. Create Draft Invoices: ON/OFF
      if you would like a second check of the invoices being created, turn DRAFT to ON.
    2. Create Payment Plans: ON/OFF
      Note:  Invoices can be added to a payment plan at any time in the future if you have this setting turned OFF. 
  9. Email Invoices is OFF.
    Once you gain confidence in the system you can turn draft invoice off and email on. This will create the invoices and email in one step.

*Note – for members who have renewed and not been invoiced for their membership (ie: draft invoice deleted) - the document status will be Invoice Required. This can be manually set to Invoice not required.

4. Creation of memberships and invoices 

The creation of memberships and invoices will run in the background indicated by the progress bar in the top right. If you are creating 400+ invoices this will take a few minutes. You can continue to use the system while this is running.
 Once complete (100%), click on the magnifying glass.

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Step 5 and 6 are for invoices created in draft.


5. Make Membership Invoices Outstanding (may include Payment Plan Surcharge Invoices).

  1. From renewal batch – click on invoices
  2. bulk select all invoices
  3. Bulk Action – Mark as Outstanding


The renewal wizard also created all of the payment plan fee invoices in draft – these will also need to be marked as outstanding

6. Make Payment Plans outstanding

  1. From renewal batch – click on payment plans
  2. bulk select all
  3. Bulk Action – Mark as Outstanding


7. Communication - Bulk Email Invoices


  1. From renewal batch – click on invoices
  2. Bulk select invoices
  3. Bulk Action - email invoices


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Check that your message in the email body is correct.

 Go to configuration > Communications > Email Content > Membership Invoice*

Send test email from Communications > Email Templates > Membership Invoice > Send Test email.



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