Renewal Communications - Sending out additional information in a seperate email

Modified on Wed, 26 Apr, 2023 at 1:49 PM

Use the communications module to email additional information and then send the membership invoices separately.

The benefit of this option is that you do not need to edit the membership invoice content or create a new template.
You simply compose your message with the additional info / attachments send and then bulk send invoices separately. You don't need to remember to toggle the content of the Membership Invoice Template depending on what invoice you are sending.

The message can include a 'heads-up' that the member will be receiving their invoice via email shortly. Sending the invoices separately records the fact that they have been emailed.

Cons: Member gets 2 emails. One with the membership information and one with the invoice.


  1. Run the renewal wizard as per the solutions process outlined here ->

  2. Return to your renewals batch history
    Renewals > History > Select the Invoices column to take you to the invoice list

  3. Bulk Select the invoices for the members you want to receive the message
    Bulk Select by clicking on the check box in the top left column > Bulk Actions drop down > Send Message

  4. From this Send Email Message page, you can compose the body of the email that you wish to send including a Subject line and an email body. There is no need to address the email with Dear…… as this is purely the email body and it will automatically be sent with a Header including a personal salutation and a Footer
  5. Add attachments that you wish to send: Click on the Paperclip in the top right corner > + Choose > Select the documents from your computer

  6. Once you are happy that you have the body of the email correct and that you have attached all of the relevant documents, you can Preview and Send the email.
  7. Return to batch Bulk Select, Bulk Action > Email Invoices.

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