Renewals Wizard - Manual Process

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The Renewals Wizard is used to renew membership groups due to expire and create the corresponding membership subscription invoices

You MUST complete the Renewals - Pre Planning process before you commence the Renewal Wizard

Select the Cancel button to exit the Renewal Wizard at any time to make changes to Groups, Charges, Memberships etc. The Renewal Wizard will recommence at the start; Set Dates and Notes


Quick Guide

  1. Navigate to Renewals > Wizard
  2. Set Renewal Between and Invoice Dates, Notes and Promotions
  3. Select All groups to renew, confirm and select next
  4. Review Group Charges, confirm and select next
  5. Review Membership Changes, confirm and select next
  6. Review Group Restrictions, confirm and select next
  7. Preview Memberships, confirm and select next
  8. Preview Invoices, confirm and select next
  9. Preview Payment Plans, confirm and select next.  Note:  If you have negative charges in your renewals, you will not be able to create payment plans at this stage - continue with the wizard and then follow these instructions - click here
  10. Submit Renewals - default setting is to create Draft Invoices. For automated process disable Create Draft Invoices and enable Email: this will automatically send invoices to members when you select the Submit button
  11. Review Renewals Batch

Note: It is highly recommended to check the information returned in each Step through the Wizard carefully (especially the invoices section) and, if an incorrect entry is found cancel the renewals and make the correction, then return to the Wizard

Step by Step Guide

Step 1. Navigate to Renewals > Wizard

Step 2. Set Dates and Notes

  • Enter the Show Renewals Between dates: set the date range to capture memberships that are due to end/renew, NOT the next years membership start and end dates
    Note: If the end of the membership year is 30th June you would enter between: 30/06/2021 and 01/07/2021

The information displayed in the Wizard will be relevant for the Between dates you have entered;

  • Group data
  • Number of members in that group
  • Renewal Income for that period
  • Charges that are assigned to that group
  • List of members and a snapshot of their future invoice
  • Set the Invoice date: the date the invoice is created
  • Set the Accounting date: the start of the membership accounting period
  • Set the Invoice Due date: default to Set Date. Only use Renewal date for rolling memberships (by join date) 
  • Set the Default date: the date the invoice will default and the membership status will change to inactive and unfinancial if the invoice remains unpaid
    • If the Default Date is not visible in the Renewal Wizard it will auto default to the system grace period
    • To enable the Default Date turn on the system setting:
  • Set the Payment Plan Start Date: the first instalment due date
  • Select the Promo Code (if applicable)
  • Enter a Description i.e. Membership Renewal 2021/2022: this is the batch description and not visible to members
  • Add Notes: these will appear on the invoice (Admin notes are not visible to members)
  • Select Next

Step 3. Select Groups for Renewal

  • Select All, individual or multiple Groups that are to be renewed and invoiced

Invoices will only be created for the groups selected. If you would like the member to receive only one invoice for all their memberships groups (eg: 7 Day and locker on the same invoice), you must select ALL groups

Memberships will be renewed for Groups that do not have any charges. No invoice is created

  • Select Confirmed
  • Select Next

Step 4. Confirm Charges

  • Preview and Confirm charges that will be itemised on the Renewal Invoices

If charge amounts have altered for the membership year you can check old and new amounts

  • Select Confirmed
  • Select Next

Step 5. Confirm Membership Changes

  • Members changing, joining or ending the selected Groups within the Renewal Dates will appear here
  • Select Confirmed
  • Select Next

Step 6. Confirm Group Restrictions

  • Members who no longer fit the Restriction Criteria of the selected Groups within the Renewal Dates will appear

A Renewal Invoice will not be created if they do not meet the restrictions

These Members require a Group change (You will start back at Step 1 once you re commence the Renewal Wizard)

  • Select Confirmed
  • Select Next

Step 7. Preview Memberships

  • Preview and confirm the memberships that will be renewed and invoices created

We recommend you check members have not been renewed in multiple golfing memberships or duplicated: this can occur when a MiM user has incorrectly used the action to add a group in place of the change option

  • Select Confirmed
  • Select Next

Step 8. Preview Invoices

This step provides a preview of the Renewal Invoices

  • Select the magnifying glass to open a preview of the invoice

Confirm group charges and discounts are itemised on the invoice as expected

  • Select Confirmed
  • Select Next

Step 9. Preview Payment Plans

This step allows a preview of the payment plans prior to the Wizard creating them. 

  • Select the toggle button for "create payment plans"

This button needs to be on (blue) to allow the creation of payment plans through the renewal wizard.

Only members with a payment plan template in their financial details will have a payment plan created.

  • Select the magnifying glass to Preview payment plan
  • Select Confirmed
  • Select Next

Note If invoices have negative charges, payment plans will not be creating during wizard process, for instructions on creating them after wizard is finalised, click here

Step 10. Submit Renewals

Review, Create and Email the Renewal Invoices

  • Create Payment Plans: enable to create the payment plans on Submit
  • Create Draft Invoices: disable to auto create invoices on Submit (invoices cannot be deleted)
  • Email: enable to auto email invoices on Submit
  • Displays the number of invoices to be created and the total value of these invoices
  • Select Submit

Step 11. Review Renewal Batch

When the Renewal Wizard process is complete a batch is created for each action processed: Membership Invoices, Memberships Renewed, Payment Plans Created and the new Fee Invoices - these are separate invoices created when a fee is applied to a payment plan

Actions that can be processed from the renewal batch include;

  • Review Renewal Invoices
  • Reverse All Renewal Invoices
  • Email All Renewal Invoices
  • Send Message to All Members with a Renewal Invoice
  • Print All Invoices
  • Delete Draft Invoices

There are two options to navigate to the Renewal Batch:

  • Select the magnifying glass icon in the Renewal background task, or
  • Navigate to Renewals > History

To review the invoices, memberships or payment plans created, click on the number listed under the column header in the batch history

Important Note: If the Draft Invoice setting in Step 10 of the Renewal Wizard process was NOT disabled, the renewal invoice batch will have a yellow/orange background. Once you have reviewed the invoices you MUST mark these invoices outstanding;

  • Select all Invoices in the batch
  • From the Bulk Action drop menu select the "mark as outstanding" option

The process will run as a background job. Once complete, you can view the batch and the background on the invoices will be white

Important Note:  If you have also created payment plans in the renewal run these will be in draft too. You will need to go to the batch (click on the payment plan number) and mark those as outstanding as well - same steps as above.

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