Renewals: Creating Payment Plans from Renewals Batch

Modified on Tue, 2 Jan at 10:07 AM

If there are any negative charges on membership renewals invoices, payment plans cannot be created during the wizard process.  If this is the case, the following will display.

To create the payment plans:

Quick Guide

1. Navigate to renewal batch (renewals / history)

2. Open the list of invoices for the batch

3. Add payment plan column to repository

4. Filter Column by payment plan type (do this individually for each different payment plan template you may have)

5. Select all - bulk action "Create Payment Plans"

6. Select the appropriate template from dropdown and add date for first instalment.  Save by selecting "Create Payment Plans"

7. Go to new batch that is created to action the payment plans accordingly

Step by Step Guide

1.  Navigate to renewal batch  (Renewals / History)

2.  Open the invoices repository for that batch by clicking on the number of invoices or using the action menu,

3.  Ensure that the "Payment Plan" column is selected

4.  Filter the payment plan column using "show not empty" or by typing the name of the specific payment plan template in the column search. (This will give you a list of all of the invoices where the member has a payment plan template set up on their profile - if you have more than one payment plan profile, type in the payment plan name to filter.

5.  Select All, and using the bulk action dropdown, select "Add to Payment Plan"

6.  Select the template for the payment plans you are creating and the start date for the plans, then "create payment plans"

7.  The payment plans will be created in a batch and can be actioned from there.

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