Renewal Communications - Creating a new email template

Modified on Wed, 26 Apr, 2023 at 1:35 PM

This solution involves creating a new email body for Membership Invoices and applying it to be used at renewal time

Pros: This option is a bit more involved but once set up it can be re-used for following years/membership renewals.
Members receive information and link to invoice in 1 email and the invoice is marked as being emailed.

You can use links for attachment (eg: link to an uploaded PDF) - which is useful if you need to change/correct the document after the email has been sent.

Cons: You need to remember to toggle this template back to the default membership invoice once you have sent out the renewal invoices - as the content will not be relevant to any members changing groups after renewals or members joining part way through the year.
The invoice link may get missed in the content if there is too much information/text to read.
May need support to assist with the email set up.

Steps for to Create a New Email Template

  1. Create a new email body.
    Go to Configuration > Communication > Open Email Content > click on New Content
  2. Name & Compose your message
    Enter a name for your new content and choose Content Type = Body.
    Add your content by clicking and dragging snippets from the right. Or copy content from existing Membership Invoice body and paste into new content and modify. Once you have added the content click save. You can edit at anytime.
  3. Adding Buttons & URLs
    Link to invoice - use link > ${siteUrl!}/views/members/accounts/displayInvoice.xhtml?token=${invoiceToken!}
    Pay Invoice - use link > ${siteUrl!}/views/members/accounts/payInvoice.xhtml?token=${invoiceToken!}
    Link to PDFs by using the 'Link' tool

  4. Edit the Membership Invoice email Template to use the new body
    Go to: Configuration > Communication > Open Email Templates.
    Click Membership Invoice to edit
    In the edit template window change the Body by selecting the new content you created in step 1.

  5. Test the template
    You can send yourself a test email by going to the actions menu for Membership Invoice.
    Note: As there is no data attached to this test email, any parameters will display as ${}.

  6. Return to your renewals batch history
    Renewals > History > Select the Invoices column to take you to the invoice list
    Bulk select, Email Invoices.

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