Payment Plan - Create custom plan for individual

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Use this process to create a payment plan for an individual member that does NOT use one of your pre configured payment plan templates.

Quick Guide

1.  Search for the member in Member Directory or Quick Search

2.  Select the Member Action button to reveal options. Select Financials > Payment Plans

3.  Select + Payment Plan button

4.  Add invoice/s to a Payment Plan by selecting the unpaid invoice/s and assign them to the 'Invoices on plan' section

5.  Create the Payment Plan

6.  Configure Instalments

7.  Confirm and Save Plan

Step by Step Guide

1. Search for the Member

Use the Quick Search or from the Members Directory search for the member by entering information into the Surname, First Name, Member Number or Groups.
Once you locate your member, s
elect the member's individual action drop-down menu and select Financials > Payment Plans.

2. Create a Payment Plan

Select + Payment Plan button


From the member's account you can select the Invoice Action button and select the Add to Payment Plan option

3. Add Invoice/s to a Payment Plan

Highlight the invoice/s to add to the Payment Plan then select the > to add the invoice under Invoices on Plan column (right hand side). Select the Next button to continue.

4. Create the Payment Plan

  • Under the General Options tab enter the required payment plan settings: Payment Frequency, Number of Instalments, Payment Method, Start Date or End Date (you do not need to select and apply a template)

Note: Payment Method; if you are creating an Ezidebit payment plan you must select the payment method that corresponds with the one configured for Ezidebit

  • Under the Surcharge Options tab enter the required surcharge settings (i.e. Fee Type, Fee Per Instalment, Charge, Fee Amount, Exclude Fee for First Instalment) add Direct Debit Fees
  • Under the First Instalment Charges tab enter the required instalment settings (i.e. Select Charge Name or Code) then select Save.
  • Select Next

5. Configure Instalments

Instalments will be created as per payment plan and charge configuration. You may manually configure instalment dates and/or amounts if required. Once completed, select the Next button.

6. Confirm Plan

Check the Plan details and then select the Save button

After saving the payment plan you will see a taskbar which allows you to email or print the payment plan

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