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Membership Groups can be added to a member profile at various stages throughout their membership tenure. If there is a fee attached to the membership group added, the system generates a taskbar to prompt you to continue to create the relevant membership invoice.

The main reasons to add a membership group are;

  • A new member record has been created in the database
  • An existing member has requested an optional membership add-on, such as rental and storage options, or the member has qualified for a discount group
  • A membership for an existing member ended or expired

The Add Membership Group option is NOT to be used when a member has requested to change their membership group. Refer to the relevant Group Change solution for information on how to manage the membership change requests.

Quick Guide

Step 1 - Navigate to the Memberships page in the member record and select the +Membership button

  • If you have just completed creating a new member record, select the 'Add Membership Groups' option from the taskbar located top of screen

Step 2 -  Enter the Start Date for the membership group, then select the appropriate group/s (tick box) and Add Group

Step 3 -  Accept or select the Facilities option, then Save

Step 4 -  Create Membership Invoice using the taskbar link and follow prompts, or Dismiss to complete at a later date

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 - If you have just completed creating a new member record, select the 'Add Membership Groups' option from the taskbar located top of screen.

You can also add a membership by selecting the Memberships from the Member Action drop menu, then select the +Membership button

Step 2 - Add the Start Date to indicate when the membership will start from

Note: You must enter the Start Date at 1. before the list of membership groups appears. 

An End Date is only required if you are extending or shortening the standard group membership period

Tick the member's preferred group/s at 2. (Select the appropriate tab - Membership, Lockers, etc. ) and finally select the Add Group button 3.

Step 3 - Accept Facilities option

A Choose Facility window will open (see below).
If you added a locker or cart storage group, you will be prompted to select one facility from the list available.
Select the chosen locker/cart storage number then select the Save button.

Step 4 - Create Membership Invoice

The following taskbar will appear requesting you to Create Membership Invoice or Dismiss to be completed at a later stage. Follow the prompts once you select the Create Membership Invoice taskbar.

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