Sending Communications - Bulk Send from Repository

Modified on Tue, 12 May, 2020 at 2:45 PM

Quick Guide:

1.  Select the repository you want to send the bulk emails from

2.  Selecting the members by either selecting them individually or by selecting the Select All button for all members

3.  From Bulk Actions drop-down, select Send Message

4.  Check Members and the From address

5.  Enter From email address and enter the Subject field

6.  Body of the email. Put your cursor in the body of the email where you want to Insert Fields" for basic information     like; First Name, Last Name, Member No., etc. 

    Note:  Repositories where documents are selected as opposed to members (invoices, statements, accounts, 
    payment plans) will have an additional field called "Document Link"  where a link to the document you are
    emailing about can be inserted

7.  Add an attachment or select a different template

8.  Preview the Document/Save it as Draft/Send

Step by Step Guide:

1.  Depending on what message you are wishing to send, select the repository required.

Send message can be found in the bulk action drop-down in all repositories - including smart search results.

If you want to send a link to an invoice/statement/payment plan but do not wish to use the standard email format, you need to select from the appropriate  list.

For this example the Invoices repository is being used.

2.  Select the Select All button for all members or select individually by placing a tick next to the member's name

3.  Once selected, choose Send Message from Bulk Actions drop-down

4.  Check all recipients by selecting next to the To: button

Select the drop down arrow to reveal the recipient list.

5. Type in the From email address and the Subject field.

6.  Type into the body of the email. You can go to the Insert Field and select key information to add into the body of your email. Just place your cursor in the body of the email and then click in the Insert Field and select from the choice of information to include.

In repositories or searches where the output is a document (E.g. invoice, statement, payment plan) there is an additional option for document link, which will insert a link to the document.

7. Add Attachment 

On the top right hand side of the screen are two buttons - one for adding an attachment to an email and the other for changing the email template. To add an attachment, click the attachment option then select the +Choose button to find the item you want to attach. Select the Change Template button and then select the template you want.

8.  Preview the Document/Save it as Draft/Send

Note: Preview will not be available until all fields have been completed (E.g. names, subject and some content)

Emails Saved as Draft can be accessed from the Communications repository, under Draft Messages.

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