Payment Plans - End a plan

Modified on Fri, 8 Oct, 2021 at 11:31 AM

This is the process for ending a payment plan. For example, a member decides to change groups which has different fees, or they decide to pay the invoice in full, follow this process.

Ending a payment plan will create a credit note for the balance of any payment plan fees, as well as returning the invoice to an outstanding, overdue or defaulted state, depending on how old the invoice is.

Quick Guide

1.  Select Payment Plans for your member using either of the 2 options: 

  • Member Summary, or 
  • Payment Plan Repository

2.  Select End Plan from the Action menu

3.  Ending payment plans for more than 1 member (refer step by step guide)

Step by Step Guide

1. There are 2 options for locating Payment Plans for your member.

Option 1:  Navigate to the Member Summary and select their Action button, then select Financials > Payment Plans

Option 2:  Go to the Financials repository and select Payment Plans

2. In the Payment Plans repository select the members action button then select End Plan

3. To end multiple plans, go to the Payment Plans repository,  select all the members by placing a tick next to their names, then go to the Bulk Action button and select End Payment Plans for all to be ended at the same time.

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