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MiMembership has a library of reports that are categorised under the following tabs. Depending on what modules/add-ons you have enabled some of these tabs/reports may not display:

  1. Membership - For reports relating to membership data such as invalid memberships, membership statistics. EG: Average age, groups statistic summary.
  2. Financials - For reports relating to invoicing, payments and accounts. EG: Invoices per membership period.
  3. General Ledger - A summary of journals for a date range EG: General Ledger Summary Report.
  4. Configuration - Reports on your configuration settings. A quick way to export and check all of your configuration settings. EG: Group Charges.
  5. Relationships - Reports on linked members by relationship type. EG: Father/Son.
  6. Shares - Reports on shareholders and playing rights.
  7. Sign Up - Reports on Sign Up form submissions

Generating a Report

Step 1 - Click on Reports

Step 2 - Click on the report category tab and then the name of the report you want to generate

Step 3 - Select report filters

Reports have filters that need to be selected in order to get the correct information. Setting filters may include entering or selecting data options such as:

  • Date Range(s)
  • Membership Groups
  • Account Types
  • Charge Types
  • Payment Types
  • Gender

The filter panel is found at the top of the report page.

You can use the buttons on the top right of the filter panel to quickly select all or deselect ALL options.

You can use the Select All / Clear all in each panel to quickly set the selection for just that panel

Step 4 - Enter Report Period and Run

On the top right of each report page there is a Run button and, for most reports a date select option to enter a specific date range for the report. 

Financial reports have the option to generate the report based on accounting or transaction dates.

Once the report period has been entered click Run.

Background Job
If a report is expected to take a longer time to run because of the complexity or size of the data (eg: Membership Invoices Report for the past 2 years) it is highly recommended you tick the Background job checkbox. This will run the report in the background and let you continue using the system to do other tasks.

Step 5 - Results

Once the results are generated they will display on screen in a table format. If you have run the background job a task bar will be displayed in the top left - click on the the view icon once the progress bar hits 100%.

You can export the report to PDF, CSV or view the results in a repository (eg: Memberships Repository), which will give you more bulk options such as email etc.

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