Sign-Up Form Configuration Cheat Sheet

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Setting Up Membership Sign-Up Forms




1. Add Groups for Sign-Up 



Configuration -> Sign Up Form -> + Sign Up Groups




  1. Select group from the drop down.
  2. Select primary or add on from the group type.


Primary is for main groups while Add Ons are for groups such as lockers, bag storage.
 Add Ons appear on a different page on the application form. The user selects the primary group and then optional add ons.


  1. Add description- optional
  2. Add Image – optional
  3. Select Requires Approval *
  4. Select to display price
  5. Select enable – untick to disable and remove from display


(*Note - for now this applies to all applications - phase 2 will automatically create the membership & invoice if this is not ticked. Payment will be made as a part of the application process.)

2. Add Form Sections 


Configuration  Form Sections  + Form Section.


Form sections allow you to organise the form fields into groups - EG: Personal Data, Contact Details, Golf Data etc...

3. Add Form Parameters  


Configuration  Form Parameters  + Form Parameter




General Options


  1. Label is name of the field that is displayed to the user : EG: First Name
  2. Form Section is where you want the field to display. EG: You want First Name to display in the Personal Details section
  3. Field Type - This relates to where the field type is stored in the database and dictates what fields can be selected in the Field Options in the next step. For example, if you are adding a field for Address or Email you would choose Contact as the Field Type. This will make availabe all contact fields in the next step (Select Field). If you have set up a custom field and are adding that to the form, you would choose Custom Field. 
  4. Required - User must fill in this field before submitting

4. Field Options




Field - Select from the list of available fields. If the field is not available, check you have selected the correct Field Type in step 3

5. Validation


If you want the system to check that the user has filled in the field correctly you can apply validation. EG: If it is an email address you can check the Email Address option and this will ensure the user has entered an '@" character and a .com.



More Info


(**NOTE** If a parameter is required on the form that needs to be setup as a custom field - create a new Field Section in MiMembership called "Application Form Fields" and add any custom fields that's specific only to the sign up form there.)


This is a current work around until a "sign up form only" parameter is created for custom fields in MiMembership

6. Terms and conditions


Clubs need to provide a PDF of Terms and Conditions for Membership Applications. This document can be loaded to their website and the URL added to the following setting in MiM: sign.up.form.terms.and.conditions.url


Additional Information 


The Sign-up forms look best with picture thumbnails


If you require MiClub to assist with the resizing, please send the best quality/highest resolution images you have. 

 Orientation: Images work best in landscape


Size: All images used should be the same height with a min width of 600px and a medium resolution (150 dpi)








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